HomeSelf Relationship QuestionsWhat is the best way to keep me motivated to work out?
Roy Murray asked 5 months ago
I have been trying to work out more, but I find it hard to keep myself motivated. I often start working out and then give up after a few days. This is causing me to not reach my fitness goals. I would like to find a way to keep myself motivated so that I can stay on track with my workout routine.
1 Answers
Rila Thomas Staff answered 5 months ago
Working out is probably one of your love-hate relationships and I can't blame you tho! It's hard to get yourself moving when all you want to do is lounge around and watch Netflix. However, there are a few things that you can do to make working out more enjoyable and to keep yourself motivated. First, try to find an activity that you actually enjoy doing. This could be something like going for a walk, taking a dance class, or playing tennis. Once you find an activity that you enjoy, it will be easier to stick with it. Another way to stay motivated is to set small goals for yourself and celebrate when you reach them. For example, you could commit to working out three times a week and give yourself a reward after two weeks of sticking with your plan.