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Roy Murray asked 5 months ago
Jeremy, Rose, and I have been friends since high school. Rose and I noticed that Jeremy has problems with financial management and tends to make poor choices when it comes to spending. Jeremy would often forget to pay his share for group outings or treat himself to an expensive dinner when we are all supposed to be cutting back on expenses. While we have tried to help Jeremy by giving him advice, he does not seem to be able to change his ways. Rose and I are starting to get frustrated with Jeremy and don't know what to do.
1 Answers
Rila Thomas Staff answered 5 months ago
If your friend is unable or unwilling to change their bad habits, it might be time to distance yourself from them. It's not worth getting yourself into financial trouble just because your friend can't manage their money. You can still be friends with Jeremy, but you might want to limit your interactions with him to avoid any potential problems.