HomeLong Distance Relationship QuestionsWhat if my family is no longer making effort to talk to me when I’m in another city?
Rila Thomas Staff asked 1 month ago

I moved to another city for work and my family is no longer making an effort to talk to me. I'm starting to feel really lonely and isolated. What can I do?

1 Answers
Roy Murray answered 1 month ago

It sounds like you're feeling lonely and disconnected from your family. There are a few things you can do to stay connected with them. First, make an effort to reach out to them regularly. This means calling, texting, or video chatting every day. Second, try to visit as often as you can. Even if it's just for a weekend, spending time in person will help you feel closer to each other. Finally, be patient and understanding. They may not be used to being so far apart from you, but they'll hopefully adjust over time. Just keep the lines of communication open and you'll be able to stay connected with your family.