HomeProfessional Relationship QuestionsI’m finding it hard to balance work and my social life. What should I do?
Roy Murray asked 5 months ago
I'm a recent graduate and I've been working at my first job for about six months now. I love my job, but I find it hard to balance my social life. I'm always so tired after work that I don't have the energy to go out and socialize.
1 Answers
Rila Thomas Staff answered 5 months ago
First of all, you're not alone. It's hard for a lot of people to balance work and their social life. One thing you can try to do is schedule some "me" time into your week. For example, maybe you can watch a movie or read a book on Tuesday nights. And, on the weekends, try to plan something fun with your friends or family. That way, you'll have something to look forward to during the week. Also, try to be proactive about your social life. Instead of waiting for your friends to invite you out, take the initiative and invite them out. And, finally, don't be afraid to say no. If you're really not up for going out, it's okay to stay in and recharge.