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Rila Thomas Staff asked 2 months ago

My father recently got accepted as a new citizen in the United States. Because of that, my father was able to get us and live in the States with him. But, my boyfriend and I had to endure a long-distance relationship because they live in the Philippines. It was so hard for us to stay connected and it sucked not being able to see each other every day like we used to.

1 Answers
Roy Murray answered 2 months ago

Wow, that is some really long-distance relationship. It can be really tough to endure something like that but there are a few things you can do to help make it a little easier. You can try to be more communicative and make sure to schedule regular video chats or phone calls. You can also send each other little gifts or care packages to remind each other that you're thinking of each other. Lastly, try to plan ahead for when you can finally be reunited again. Hopefully, these tips help and you can soon be reunited with your boyfriend/girlfriend. Good luck!