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Roy Murray asked 2 months ago

Doug is from Texas and I live in Australia. We met online 6 months ago and have been in a long-distance relationship since. It's tough because we're always on different schedules - when I'm awake, he's asleep, and vice versa. We've been trying to make it work but it's really tough. Do you have any tips on how to adjust to different time zones?

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Rila Thomas Staff answered 2 months ago

Wow, Texas and Australia time differences are a 12-hour time difference!

The best way to try and combat the time difference is to set regular times where you can talk or video call each other. This way, you have some set time that you know you can connect with your partner, even if it’s just for a quick chat

It’s also important to be understanding that there will be times when your partner is unavailable because of the time difference. There’s nothing you can do about it, so try not to get too upset. Just enjoy your own time and know that you’ll be able to talk to them soon.