HomeProfessional Relationship QuestionsHow do I tell my boss that I need to work part-time now instead of full-time?
Roy Murray asked 1 month ago

I am offered an opportunity to freelance for a great company that I really want to work for. The only drawback is that they can only offer me part-time work. I currently work full-time and I am not sure how to tell my boss about this opportunity.

1 Answers
Rila Thomas Staff answered 1 month ago

This is a difficult conversation to have, but it is important, to be honest with your boss about your situation. You should explain that you were offered a part-time position with another company and that you would like to take it. If possible, you should try to negotiate a reduced schedule at your current job so that you can still earn some income. Of course, you will need to decide what is best for your career and your family. If working part-time is the best option for you, then you should go for it. However, if working full-time is what you need to do, then you should explain this to your boss and try to work out a compromise.