HomeFriends Relationship QuestionsHow do I deal with a friend who is always angry?
Rila Thomas Staff asked 4 months ago
Jaiayah is always angry and it's really starting to bother me. She's always snapping at me and she never seems to be happy. I've tried talking to her about it but she just gets mad at me and says I'm the one who needs to change. I don't know what to do.
1 Answers
Roy Murray answered 4 months ago
Well, that is plenty to handle. I guess let her know that you're concerned about her and that you're there for her if she wants to talk about what's going on. See if she's willing to open up to you about what's making her so angry. If she's not, you might need to give her some space. Let her know that you still care about her but she might need some time to work through whatever is going on.