HomeFriends Relationship QuestionsHow can I tell my friend to stop pushing me to do things I don’t like?
Roy Murray asked 1 month ago

Marian is my childhood friend and we share a lot of memories together. But now she's always pushing me to do things that I don't like, whether it's trying a new food or going to new places. I've tried telling her, no, but she doesn't seem to listen. What should I do?

1 Answers
Rila Thomas Staff answered 1 month ago

For me, Marian is being really pushy, and it sounds like you've already tried telling her to stop. You could try being more assertive and saying something like, "I don't want to do that, and I don't appreciate you trying to make me." If she still doesn't listen, you could always distance yourself from her. Let her know that you need some space and that you'll talk to her when you're ready.