HomeLong Distance Relationship QuestionsHow can I overcome long-distance with my family?
Roy Murray asked 5 months ago
I am a student in the United Kingdom and my family lives in Malaysia. I miss them so much and I don't know how to overcome the long distance. It's been really hard to communicate with them lately because of the time difference and I feel like I'm losing my connection with them. Advice, please?
1 Answers
Rila Thomas Staff answered 5 months ago
First, try to set up a regular time to chat with them online or on the phone. This will help you stay connected with them and feel less homesick. You can also send them photos and updates on what's going on in your life so they can feel like they're a part of it. Finally, try to visit them in person as often as you can. This will help you stay connected and close to your family.